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downgrade psp firmware

Simple to use software to downgrade psp firmware

Software to Downgrade PSP Firmware

Thanks to this software I used to downgrade psp firmware and unlock my psp I am able to play my favourite old school games from Sega, Nintendo, Gameboy and more. I have not paid for a single game since but I have downloaded hundreds for free and now have a never ending supply, all of this and more is revealed to you when you downgrade your psp firmware.

All you have to do is remove Sony’s standard ‘limiting’ codes from your PSP’s chips – and replace them with the new ‘fully-functioning’ codes that I will give you. This is known as a Downgrade That’s right! Just follow a few simple instructions, and you can downgrade psp firmware, save an absolute fortune AND HAVE MORE FUN THAN YOU EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE! Click Here To Downgrade Now!

Why I Love My Unlocked PSP

I take my PSP almost anywhere I go. When I travel I have my PSP with me. If I’m on a bus or a train , In a taxi or even on a plane I take out my PSP and pass away the time playing several of my favorite games. Sometimes I can just spend ages messing with the settings, changing my themes and screens or looking through the info I have on my memory stick. I don’t know what I would do without my PSP especially when traveling. Since I downgraded PSP firmware I completely spoiled for choice when it come to games, movies and music. I think I could be in real danger of spending half my life on the PSP but I don’t care, I love it!  At first I was a little bit cautious about changing the firmware or messing with internal settings on my PSP, I kept thinking what if it goes wrong and locks up and I can’t send it off for repair under the guarantee because I messed with the firmware. Well that’s when I started looking for some software which was guaranteed safe and easy to downgrade the PSP.  I’m glad I took the advice my friend gave me when he showed me all the stuff he could do with his PSP because he already had custom firmware. When he showed me he had about 100 games all on memory, and he showed me some of the retro games I used to play on Nintendo were on his PSP I was blown away. And the skins and wallpaper he had on his PSP made mine look like something out of the ice age. Anyway he gave me a link to the software and video package he used and now my PSP is a super PSP :)

Downgrade PSP Firmware – Unlock Your Sony PSP!

Downgrade PSP Firmware

If you are fed up paying top wack for your psp games or you want to watch all your favourite dvd movies without having to buy new UMD disks then you need to downgrade psp firmware and unlock the full hidden potential of your psp. The fact is, your PSP is a lot BETTER than you think! It can easily be made to do all kinds of amazing things that simply have to be seen to be believed!

The PSP is capable of a lot more than you realise and Sony limit what you can do with it because they want to make more money from you because every time you want a new game or a movie you must purchase it from Sony. When you downgrade the Sony firmware you are able to play copied games, home-brew games, watch all movies and get apps downloaded for free. There a thousands and thousands of games and applications which are available for free and you can even play your favourite games from other consoles!

Just follow my advice and YOU’LL NEVER HAVE TO BUY ANOTHER GAME AGAIN! 100% GUARANTEED!Well Done

downgrade psp firmware software


Click here to go to the official PSP guide website and Download the Software

So you want to Downgrade your PSP Firmware?

You want to downgrade psp firmware in order to be able to download thousands of movies games , music and apps right?

Of course…OK all  you  need a firmware downgrade software package. I’m going to be telling you where to get the software along with easy video instructions and also where to download all the games, movies, apps and music you could ever want. The software is so simple to use my little brother can do it and if you do have any problems you can send you psp to the creators of the software and they will downgrade for you and they only ask that you cover the postage which is $10 flat rate wherever you are, can’t say fairer than that, but I assure you you will be able t to take care of the software modification yourself.

Firstly you need to know which version firmware you have now, you can do this by following these simple instructions…

Checking your PSP Firmware Version:

On your psp go into settings’…

then go to ‘system settings’ and click ‘x’…..

Then scroll down to system information…there you will see the system software number, this is your firmware version.

All psp firmware versions can be downgraded it just takes a few more steps for certain firmware versions than others..

You now simply choose the software download for that version from the resource I give you and watch the video ( the link will be right next to the software download link ) and in a few moments your psp firmware will have been downgraded and psp unlocked.

How to Downgrade PSP Firmware Instructions Recap:

So once you have checked your  firmware version you are ready to go. Once you hve confirmed that you are able to downgrade psp firmware, you need to download the software and videos. Once you have everything you need you simple watch the video which refers to you particular firmware version, everything is explained step by step in the video. You just copy exactly the instructions on the video. It’s straight forward enough and most people are easily able to downgrade psp firmware using this method. If you get stuck just go back to the video and watch again pausing as you need to but you shouldn’t have any trouble at all ( There is also the option to send you psp to the software producers and they will unlock it for you for free, you just pay the postage as I mentioned above)… All I can say now is what are you waiting for, there are thousands of games apps and movies just waiting for you to download.

In this post I thought I would just remind you of the power of you play station portable after you downgrade psp firmware and exactly what you can do after downgrade.

When you downgrade psp firmware using the simple downgrade software and videos, you unlock your PSP. This means you are no longer bound to buying original UMD’s only from sony, in fact once you downgrade you probably wont want to buy another UMD ever again because you can download everything you want for free and store it on your memory stick.

This means after you complete the downgrade you are able to play homebrew games ( and there are hundreds of thousands of them to download ).

You can download full movies to your memory stick without the need to buy UMD’s.

Back up all your original UMD’s and copy your friends.

Play PS1 , Snes, and Nintendo games on your PSP as well as some Sega games.

Put custom backgrounds on your PSP. ( You will learn where to download the best of everything )

Put emulators on your PSP

Play region locked games

…and that’s just the start of it, because when you purchase the downgrade psp firmware package you get a huge array of bonus videos which will show you how to do all sorts of remarkable things with your new unlocked,  improved powerful psp. ( Take a look at the cool stuff you can do with your psp page here ).


How easy is it to Downgrade PSP Firmware?

The answer my friends is……Simple!

I guarantee anyone can downgrade psp firmware, my 12 year old brother does it for mates! I’m going to be telling you where to get step-by-step instructions… more details on that later

Does it take long to downgrade psp firmware and unlock the psp?

You can be holding your own ‘unlocked psp’ in your hands just 10 minutes from now and start downloading all the games, movies and music you could ever want.

Will this work on any psp?

Yes any PSP can be downgraded. With some firmwares require extra steps to downgrade but it can be done.

Is it legal?

I do not encourage breaking the law in any way. This is 100% legal.

While Sony would prefer you didn’t know how to do it, because you will be getting your games and videos and music from other suppliers ( well actually I mean for FREE!) – but it is 100% legal to downgrade your firmware if you use the software from the sources I recommend.

Downgrade Any PSP 5.50 and Under

Did you know you can downgrade psp firmware on any PSP 5.50 ( excluding psp3000) and under in minutes with some simple software and start downloading games, movies and more immediately?

Why Downgrade? You may ask, surely an upgrade is better in anything?….

Actually no. I do mean downgrade, you see the Sony PSP comes out of the box with codes on the chip which Sony puts there to ‘ limit’ your psp in what it can do. When you downgrade you remove these standard ‘liniting’ codes and replace them with new fully functioning codes, this is a downgrade psp firmware.

Sony want you to buy all of your games and DVD’s from THEM. I don’t need to tell you why, you know the cost of new games so I’m sure y9ou can see why. When you downgrade from the Sony codes you unlock the REAL potential of your psp, and you can start to have more fun than you thought possible! The fact is your psp is capable of much more than you think, it can be made to do all kinds of amazing things which have to be seen to be believed.

If you are fed up of paying top whack for games and DVD’s for your psp then your going to love what you learn on this website.

You can get THOUSANDS OF FREE GAMES for your psp and I show you how, plus you can play PS1, PS2 and PS3 games as well as emulators, even Super Nes, and some Sega games. Same with DVD’s sony utilize their codes and the UMD format to stop you playing your own DVD collection on the psp so you have to go out and buy a copy in THEIR format. Why should you have to pay for again for another DVD if you already have it in your collection? YOU DON’T.

All you have to do is downgrade psp firmware to unlock your own psp.